Movies we like Edit

Lynchmawb  heat because its an action movie and he likes the actors

Applesauce moana because its a good move and it empowers little girls

Amber Rain space balls because she loves to laugh and its a classic

Lady Annabelle  the weddding date

Dragonflame18 likes Harry Potter...would love to live in a fantasy world with magic

Astrid the notebook due to their undying love

General Tso Lord of the rings, the fellowship of the rings..exciting thrilling fantasy world. this film changed his mind about the genre

.Rion loves all movies, hard to choose, but if had to pick Braveheart, Alien, Tombstone, and Ernes movies

Physic scroll srg york..likes classic war movies

Amortalman lion king because he has a good story line

seraphine legend of the fall because its an excellent story

Lord BeezleBubba Empire strike back..even though hes seen it 1000 times he still enjoys it and because "Evil will always truiumph over good, because good is dumb"-Dark Helmet

Wall-nutz76 Bulworth because of Halley Berry, Don Cheadle, and Warren Beatty and because its full of social comentary and smart writing

Dsporter mean girls because its hilarious

Oldman Airplan because its the greatest movie of all time

Gengiskhan any movie thats a true story

Iron Beef He cant talk about his favorite movie. thats the first rule....also Fifth element

Sweetiepie Bella Robin hood; Men in tights. she just cant stop laughing!

Favorite places Edit

Gengiskan like the sea

King Ragnar loves Bali

Dylan likes Fance

Evandral and Joan Feel the world is so beautiful its too hard to choose just one place

Migas Kimchi like Hocking hill is southern Ohio. It reminds her of family vacations and because nature dictates the paths so they change each time she goes.

Aj the Pot roast likes camping and his wifes cabin. Love the, camping, kayaking, hiking

Minnisotian likes Farnce, Monoco, and Italy when visiting Europe

Uncle Ben loves traveling to Korea. Seoul is such a vibrant city with culture, history and best street food. Vegas is a close second.

Lyncmawb Loves Hawaii

Tanthalas Kryn enjoys the cottage in northen Ontario. Near Perry Sound

demonflame18 enjoys visiting Gaitlinburg. Ripleys aquarium was amazing. great place for Honeymoon

AppleSauce like Colorado

BooBoo enjoys Ireland. Been 18 times.

Lady Annabelle Absolutely Loves San Diego. the weather, mall, and the fact that people didnt come out or stores didnt open til 8pm made her fall in love

Big Ed likes the coast of Italy. Some of wifes family is from there.

seraphine enjoys the bahamas. However she would love to go to Africa to see the preserves where the animals run free

Wall-Nutz76 loves to go to Florida. Loves the beaches, the attractions, and his timeshare :)