These are tips to surviving the kill event

  • If you can afford bubbles,feel free to use them. Especially if you have a lot of rss that need to be protected
  • For those without bubbles, there are several steps you can take to safeguard yourself
    • Try to use up your rss before the event. Upgrade all you can. If you still have some left over, ask others if they need rss for upgrades or check trading post for needs
    • If your going to be off for a long time, You can hide your troops in towers and and the fortress. please try to let players with bigger hall of war in first so that you can fit more people.
    • You can also send troops to alliance rss building because they will be safe to gather there. tiles are not safe during kill event. However if you are going to tile gather, try to find a spot 100k away or in an desolate area where theres not many buildings around
    • You may also send troops to others and reinforce them
  • If you are fighting there are tips for that too
    • Try to fight in a group. Its a lot easier to kill people if you kill with others so you have backup in case something goes wrong
    • try to make sure that you send an encampment from your farm account to fill your space. If you dont have a farm account, try to get friend to camp there. two encampments if possible. that way barb camps dont spawn. you may still have monster or rss tile spaw but its a lot harder to cclear barb from your spot
    • Before the start of event, check with some of your top players to see if they have any plans for different targets to hit. There are people in each alliance that tend to keep track of who is ok to hit and who is not
    • before you teleport, check to see what your troop capacity is. It is important to know how many troops you are sending when picking a target
    • Once you teleport, Scout. Scout a bunch! Make sure their troop count is lower than your capacity. Otherwise you will be getting your butt whooped. If they do have a lot of troops, rally them. This is also why its a good idea to go with a group.
    • Try not to spend too much time in one area. Do what you need to do there, then move on. The longer you are there, the more chance there is of retaliation